Network Emulator for Mobile Universes



NEmu uses virtual machines (called VNode) inter-connected by different virtual links (called VLink) in order to build a virtual network topology. Two types of VNode currently exist in NEmu:

Several types of VLink are currently available in NEmu:

A network topology can be hosted by one or several physical machines, and can be also created by several users. A Session represents a part of a topology laying on a single physical machine and built by a single user. In other words, a virtual network spread on n physical machines consists in n sessions at least. IN the same way, a virtual network built by n different users consists in n sessions at least.

The topology can evolve dynamically with a predefined mobility model. The connectivity evolutions are pre-computed and applied in real time through the Mobilizer.

Table Of Contents

  1. Principle
  2. Table Of Contents
  3. Setup
  4. Usage
  5. Session
  6. Virtual Hosts (VHost)
  7. Network Interface Cards (VNic)
  8. Host File Systems (VFs)
  9. Basic Virtual Links (VLink)
  10. Linking virtual elements
  11. Remote Link (VRemote)
  12. Real Network (VSlirp)
  13. Real Network (VTap)
  14. Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE)
  15. Virtual Routers (VRouter)
  16. Virtual Wireless Links (VAirLink)
  17. Start and Stop Sessions
  18. Topology Description
  19. Save and Restore Sessions
  20. Virtual Nodes Live Migration
  21. Remote Connections
  22. Mobilizer
  23. Remote Network Block Device (NBD)
  24. NEmu Tools
  25. Writing a new VRouter Service