Network Emulator for Mobile Universes

Documentation - Remote Link (VRemote)

NEmu offers the possibility to link several virtual networks that are laying on different physical hosts. This capibility lays on a special VLink element called VRemote.


A VRemote is a virtual point-to-point link which enables to connect a virtual element to another one laying on a different session. This means that you can connect 2 virtual elements which are not living on the same physical infrastructure. You can also connect 2 virtual elements which do not belong to the same user. name is the name of this virtual remote link.

Here is a VRemote usage example:

# Physical host 1 []

VHost("alice", nics=[VNic(hw="0a:55:78:32:e5:7f")])

SetIface("pp:0", port=8000)
SetIface("pp:1", addr="", port=8001) # allows connection from anywhere

Link("alice", "pp:0")
# Physical host 2 []

VHost("bob", nics=[VNic(hw="0a:55:78:30:e1:7e")])

SetIface("remote", addr='', port=8001) # performs the remote connection

Link("bob", "remote")

Please note that a VRemote can never be placed as a client in the Link function.